Pomegranate Arils

Pomegranate Arils

In spite of the numerous health benefits, pomegranate consumption is still limited, due to the difficulties of extracting the arils from the fruit and, the irritation which stain the hands during preparation of seeds.

But we have gone through the various stages to become excel in the extraction process of the arils. By which we can deliver you a ready to eat pomegranate aril.

Extraction Process.

The fully matured and ripened fruit, clean, sound, free of pests and sunburns free produce which fit for consumption is selected for the arils extraction process.

A well-researched method is established to separate these hidden red pearl treasure, Which is nestled into their red globe beds.

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Packing and Storage.

Indigenously developed the packing procedure for pomegranate Arils, which maximizes its shelf life from packing date; if preserved under slandered temperature conditions. (4 degree Celsius)

Pomegranate arils are packed in such a way as to protect the produce properly.

Available Packing:-

– Punnet packing in 125 gm and 150 gm.

– Bulk packing in 500 gm and 01 kg.

As per customer specific required packing is also available.


1 KG Pouch

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