Grapes Black

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Grapes tree

Bunches of grapes are wisely chosen by our team for harvesting. The clusters are usually harvested during the early hours of the day under the supervision and are carefully placed in a single layer in crates and immediately transported to the Packing house.


            Platform  for grading.     

Grading Grapes

Grading is done in the controlled temperature and mainly done based on the size and colour of the grapes to maintain uniformity of berries in a package. In the process broken, decayed, watered, deformed and under-sized berries are removed.  While grading, size of the berry is the criterion.

Black Seedless

Grapes Black

Thomson Seedless

Grapes Black


Table grapes are packed in five-ply corrugated fibre board boxes, printed and labeled as per regulations. In punnet packing for 5 kg box and in food grade plastic pouches for 8.2/9.3 Kg box. They are then wrapped in polythene sheet along with grape guard and bubble paper to keep it safe during the voyage to destination.

Grapes packing

                           Punnet Packing                                   

Punnet Packing grapes

Pouch Packing

Pouch Packing grapes

            Ready for pellet

Ready for pellet

      Controlled Temperature Room

controlled Temperature Room

Pre-Cooling and Storage.

 grape cold storage                                                      

Pre-cooling is done after harvesting in cold rooms to reduce the field heat, moisture loss and subsequently increase the storability of grapes.  Cooling of grapes is generally carried out in special rooms.


Sl. Variety Size Availability
1 Thomson Seedless 15 – 20 mm Mid Jan – Mid April
2 Black Seedless 15 – 20 mm Mid Nov – Mid Feb



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